The companion volume to Bat Roosts in Trees is available to download from this page.

So, if you want a report that describes how all the PRF form and gives you summary tabulations for all the trees in which bats have been recorded, with 89 functionally meaningful tables (i.e. they have a practical purpose), an overall 187 illustrative figures, and another 20 inspiring photographs, as well as a framework for predicting whether a specific PRF might hold roosting bats, and if so when…

Then just click on the following three links: –

BTHK 2023. Part 1 of 3Guide to the formation and identification of Potential Roost Features (PRF), and classification of wooded habitat – v.1 – April 2023

BTHK 2023. Part 2 of 3Desk-study, Truthing & Close-inspection framework for predicting the likelihood a specific Potential bat Roost Feature (PRF) might be exploited by roosting bats, when and for what purpose – v.1 – April 2023

BTHK 2023. Part 3 of 3Desk-Study, Ground-Truthing & Close-Inspection framework – Spreadsheet – v.1 – April 2023