Roost Features

An account of how Potential Roost Features (PRF) form, why they form, where they form, why they form where they form, and approximately how long they can be predicted to last;


An account of how bat species native to the British Isles use trees

Dichotomous Key

A dichotomous key to potential bat-roosts in trees for use in the formation of a hypothesis used to guide further survey effort, and also an interpretive tool to give a hypothesis of what might have been present, where conclusive evidence has eluded survey.

Welcome to the Bat Tree Habitat Key project website.

This website holds: –

  1. The four project objectives and their accompanying definitions of success;
  2. An online database of all records thus far collected by the project, and submitted by third-party contributors;
  3. A facility for the submission of records;
  4. A link to the publisher of Bat Roosts in Trees – A Guide to Identification and Assessment for Tree-Care and Ecology Professionals;
  5. The literature review;
  6. A reference library of free resources;
  7. A description of training offered annually to assist with the funding of the project; and
  8. A contact via which interested parties may submit inquiries.